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  • Just Rite Cleaners offer the Green Cleaning technology to ensure the highest quality of cleaning.  All of our dry cleaned items are hand pressed to ensure that the creases and fine details are carefully addressed. Throughout our process your satisfaction is our highest priority. From check in to pressing we seek to make your experience at just a pleasure.

    In Just Rite Cleaners, we know our customers take pride in their clothes and need to maintain a professional image. That’s why we carefully inspect all garments to determine the best process for stain removal and cleaning to restore them looking their best. The dry cleaning machine is the industry’s top of the line.  We keep it running like new with scheduled maintenance and regular check-ups because we want to make sure your clothes always end up cleaner than ever.

    We can dry clean almost any garment you choose to have dry cleaned. blouses, suits, dresses, sweaters and coats are the most commonly dry cleaned items. Our process is green and is more gentle and just as effective as standard dry cleaning. All of our dry cleaned items are hand pressed to ensure that the creases and fine details are carefully addressed.

  • Just Rite Cleaners offers laundry services for shirts and other "washable" items. The care label of an item determines the cleaning process that is used. Many "washable" items that can be laundered at home, simply look better if they are professionally washed and finished. Our laundry services extend to blouses, western shirts and some household items.

    Our professional laundry service is here to make you look your absolute best, whether business or casual, always.

    Our laundry Machine will gently clean your clothes while extracting even the toughest stains. We will starch, hang, and fold or crease your garments at your request.

  • Band uniforms, police uniforms, choir robes, and graduation gowns all have the need for special care. Most uniforms go through a lot of wear and tear—whether they’re worn by high school band members, restaurant staff. Professional uniform cleaning is the best way to make your work and school uniforms look better and last longer.

  • Our Company have take care of your leather and suede items will take the time and measures to make sure that your leather and suede garments are cleaned the right way every time.  With proper leather and suede cleaning, garments can give you many years of practical wear and enjoyment.

  • Your wedding dress is a symbol of your great day and the start of your new life together with your spouse. We’ll clean it thoroughly and package it so that it will last for the rest of your life. Make it last forever with our company Quality Cleaners Wedding Gown Preservation services! Our thorough inspection and treatment process will vitalize your wedding gown for generations to come.

  • Let us fix those pesky repairs and simple alteration jobs and get your errands done with one simple trip!

    We provide you with a convenient, fast way to get your basic alterations completed. Our alterations expert will take care of any needs your clothing may require, from a quick hem to a complete redesign of your finest dress.

  • Just Dry Cleaners take care of all your shoes repair and all your luggage. If you have an old favorite belt that you just don't want to get rid of it, so we can refinish it to make it look brand new, or maybe you lost a couple of pounds, bring in the belt and we can re size it for you to fit perfectly. 

  • We have a service cleans area rugs “in-plant,” to ensure proper time for drying and servicing your special piece. Many residential and commercial customers throughout the region have area rugs, fine pieces, and more.

  • Our company offer cleaning for comforters any size.

    King Size - Queen Size – Full Size & Twin Size.

    Care is taken to ensure that each comforter is given the proper treatment for the way the item was made, the level of soil, and the customers comfort.

    Please let we know concerns you have regarding your comforter when you drop it off so we can be certain to meet your needs.

  • We offer a great service to Corporate Accounts. You will be surprised how affordable really is.

    Band uniforms, choir robes, and theatrical costumes all have the need for special care. We can clean these items in bulk. Call us for special pricing and volume discounts. Get your laundry washed and dried.

    Bring it your towels and workout shirts and feel the pleasure of added time to your day.

    We specialize in the professional cleaning of Police uniforms & Fire Department, sport uniforms and Security uniforms. Contact us for prompt delivery. Our team of cleaning specialists will keep your school colors looking their best and brightest!

    Is your company in need of uniform cleaning? With our professional dry cleaning and laundry services, we can ensure that your employees look their best daily. We provide safe and effective cleaning methods—as well as professional pressing and folding, as needed—to keep your employee uniforms looking crisp and professional. We provide quick turnaround, and we will work with you to keep your business running smoothly.

    We offer free pickup and delivery minimum order $50 in Miramar and surrounding areas.

    Pickup & Delivery Hours are from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F.

    Take advantage of this FREE direct-to-your-door service TODAY.

    Let Just Dry Cleaners save You Time & Money !